Learning Agreement

Before the mobility

The Erasmus student must complete the Student Application Form and the Learning Agreement on ERASMUS UPB Platform

More details here or at erasmus@upb.ro.

Deadlines for Learning Agreement:

  • June 30th for the Autumn Semester and all academic year,
  • November 30th for the Spring Semester.

During the mobility – Learning Agreement changes

Any changes of your Learning Agreements are possible only in the first three weeks of school in each semester. 

After this date, no changes will be accepted. Changes are accepted only once each semester.

Main causes for changing OLA: overlapping lectures / applications or missing lectures (not started)

After the mobility – Getting transcript of the records

The Transcript of Records will be delivered only after the exam session period is closed (about 4-5 weeks after the assessment period has finished).

You will get the transcript of records only for that subjects for which we have signed a Learning Agreement.