German Preparatory Year

Those who do not know German at all or have learned a few words at school, but would like to end up working in a German, Austrian or Swiss company, can enroll in the Preparatory Year offered by FILS. The total of 500 hours of German is spread over a 20-hour weekly program, fully funded by UPB.

You start with the alphabet and pronunciation, you study grammar, and conversational language, but also the specialized terms from the economic, mathematical, and technical fields, which will be useful to you, later, in the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The method is interactive, without boredom and dullness.

After completing the preparatory year of the German language, in May, there is a pass/fail test.

Once the preparatory year of the German language is passed, students are automatically enrolled in one of the specializations of the German Branch of FILS:

  • Economic Engineering in the Mechanical Field
  • Economic Engineering in the Electrical, Electrotechnical and Energetic Field
  • Applied Electronics.


Contact grants, Interviews, Workshops, internships

Funded studies

The preparatory year of the German language is fully financed by UPB

German language

The German language is taught from professionals through a modern concept

Employment opportunities

Contact persons

Cristian Mustață,,  0724445970 (incl. Whatsapp)

Laura Trifan,, 0728875560 (incl. Whatsapp)

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