ROSE Project

“Increasing Educational Equity and Combating School Dropout within the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages ​​(FILS), challenges of the Intercultural Environment”-ACCESMI

The project “Increasing educational equity and combating school dropout within the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages ​​(FILS), challenges of the Intercultural Environment”-ACCESMI submitted within the Competitive Grants Scheme for Universities, financed by the Project on Secondary Education (ROSE) and carried out on a period of 24 months has the main purpose of facilitating the educational process within the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages ​​accompanied by the reduction of the dropout rate of Romanian and foreign students in risky situations. The project proposes objectives in the area of ​​increasing competitiveness and social cohesion, focusing on the motivation and access of disadvantaged students, increasing promotability at the end of the first year of study, and increasing the integration of students from disadvantaged backgrounds and countries.

What does the project offer?

  • Counseling services – by going through an innovative and complex package of practical activities, case studies, exercises and role-plays, in order to realize their own potential, to identify personal or external resources that can help the participating students to increase their confidence self, as well as educational performance;

  • Professional counseling and career guidance for the purpose of familiarization and adaptation to the academic environment, the integration of students in the intercultural academic context, increasing motivation and the sense of belonging vis-à-vis the FILS community;

  • Social-emotional skills development services by participating in counseling activities that contribute to the support and development of adaptation-integration capacities, self-knowledge and optimization of interpersonal relationships through practical activities, case studies, exercises, and role-playing games, workshops artistic creation with the aim of deepening the skills of emotional intelligence and interpersonal relationships, as well as stimulating educational performance;

  • Coaching and personal development services. The activity consists of coaching and support courses for students with a focus on individual support, through teamwork, mentoring, tutoring for students who have encountered major difficulties after the first semester and the first exam session;

  • Programs to improve the academic performance of students with the aim of developing specific skills and competencies to identify the best learning resource, explore learning opportunities, improve the abilities to understand technical problems and bring to a satisfactory level of knowledge necessary to understand the subjects of study at the university level, improving the language level and technical vocabulary;

  • Study visits – which involve the development of professional skills in the technical field of students. Study visits are aimed at developing personal resources, getting familiar with communication and studying technical documents written in an international language, but also at a closer connection with the students’ future field of activity.

More details about the ROSE project can be found at

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CITE – Computing Innovation for Technology Entrepreneurship

The cooperation project in higher education 18-COP-0012 CITE – Computing Innovation for Technology Entrepreneurship, proposed by the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest together with Østfold University College will take place between October 2019 and September 2022 (it was extended by one year due to the pandemic of COVID 19)

The project is carried out through the Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeship and Youth Entrepreneurship Program financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism (2014-2021) and mainly aims to improve the didactic and research components for the Master’s programs of the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages ​​in the fields of Engineering and Management and Computers and Information Technology.

The project aims to increase students’ interest and performance in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurial initiative. There is a clear recognition of the need to raise the role of universities in the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the project directly aims at this objective. Increasing the quality and quantity of information technology business initiatives in Romania focuses directly on the top two priority sectors of EEA grants: innovation, research, education, and competitiveness, as well as social inclusion, youth employment, and poverty reduction.

The objectives of the project refer to the master’s programs (curriculum, students, and academic staff) that prepare the students of the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages ​​at an advanced level in the field of management and engineering and in the field of computers. Within the project, two new disciplines will be created: “Information and Communications Technology Entrepreneurship” and “Information and Communications Technology-based Innovation”. The Romanian students will benefit from mobilities in the partner university, and the professors of the two universities will collaborate for the direct involvement of the students in research. Students will be actively integrated – former students who have created successful startups will participate in the creation of case studies and present their experiences, and current students will contribute to the evaluation of the courses.

For more information, follow the project webpage CITE.

Student mobility at Østfold University College
Mobility Østfold University College
Application for program registration

CONPROF – An advised and professionally oriented student, a young person prepared for the labor market

An advised and professionally oriented student, a young person prepared for the labor market – CONPROF”, Contract POSDRU /161/2.1/G/137369, project co-financed by the “Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013”

Project duration: 18 months (May 9, 2014 – November 8, 2015)

The general objective of the project: Contributions to the sustainable development of cooperation between higher education institutions and the business environment, by facilitating the professional training of university students and the transition from student to employee status, thus ensuring the growth the employability of graduates through counseling, professional guidance, practical training and following the integration of three main components: the study programs, the initial skills of the student and the requirements of the labor market.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • Increasing the employability of higher education graduates on the labor market in effective production activities, development-innovation and horizontal marketing themes, quality assurance, information security, intellectual property rights, in the fields of: ICT, Electronics, Engineering and Management , Business administration, Economic informatics, Applied informatics;
  • The provision of counseling services, professional guidance, practical training by integrating study programs, the student’s initial skills with the requirements of the labor market;
  • The complementarity of practical training through the development and implementation of interactive learning methods through the simulated enterprise based on Intranet-Extranet-Internet infrastructures between partners and economic agents;

The target groups of the project: Students from the bachelor’s and master’s courses, from the two partner universities in the project – the Bucharest Polytechnic University and the Romanian American University. The project is a grant and will be implemented at the level of the Bucharest – Ilfov development region.

Main indicators / Final results of the project:

  • The number of students supported in the transition from school to active life: 200;
  • Number of beneficiaries of career counseling services: 360;
  • The share of students supported in the transition from school to active life who obtained a job or actively participated in subsequent courses: 60;
  • The number of people who will benefit from counseling/orientation and will find a job – the transition from school to active life: 25;
  • The number of people who will benefit from counseling/orientation and continue their studies – the transition from school to working life: 75.

The project consortium

Commercial Company for Research, Design and Production of Automation Equipment and Installations – SC IPA SA – project coordinator
Project Manager: Gabriel Spiridon
Tel: 021 318 00 55; Fax: 021 316 16 20;
Calea Floreasca 169, Sector 1, Bucharest,
postal code 014459

Romanian American University, URA
partner P2

Contact person: Prof George Carutasu
Tel: 0724 391 157;
Bulevardul Expozitiei nr.1 B, sector 1, Bucharest

Politehnica University Bucharest, UPB partner P1
Contact person: Prof.dr. ing Adrian Volceanov
Tel: 0744523371;
Splaiul Independentei, 313, sector 6, Bucharest

Association Support Center for Small and Medium Enterprises – CS IMM – P3 partner
Contact person: Ec. Mirela Doana
tel: 0723 516135;
Sos.Oltenitei, nr.103, sector 4, Bucharest